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Plan of Consulting Service


MAYUZUMI Kanae provides consulting support for realizing various ideas and concepts creatively in the field of International Development based on her experience in international cooperation. She also translates the fields of International Development and Medical Science (mainly medical papers).
She will respond flexibly to the needs by taking advantage of her experience in a wide range of fields, countries, and regions.
Furthermore, she is activating both music instruction and healthcare support based on the conceptual thinking of global awareness.
Please contact us once if you are interested.


International Development Consulting support

健康寿命推進活動、国際開発・健康・食分野等のスポットコンサルティング・監修、在留外国人向けカウンセリング、ASEANスタートアップ参画、旅行業界支援目的の海外顧客向けオンライン演奏参画、人材創出新事業参画、外国人人財育成支援講師参画 等

■特に経験がある、もしくは関心の高いキーワード一覧 / Specific Key Words

ASEAN(政策・事業)、英語もしくは仏語圏アフリカ・南アジア(感染症・食料・栄養)、中央アジア・コーカサス地方(露語を共通言語とする地域)、開発パートナーシップ、日米連携、借款、人材育成、市民参加、ジェンダーと開発、南南協力、国際交流、2030年までの達成をめざす「持続可能な開発目標(SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals)」
ASEAN(Policy, Project), English or French-speaking Africa & South Asia(Infectious Diseases, Food, Nutrition), Central Asia and the Caucasus(where Russian is the primary language), Partnership with Other Development Partners, the Japan-U.S. Relationship, Loan, Human Resource Development, Civil Society Participation, Gender and Development, South-South Cooperation, International Exchange Activity, Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) 

Translation in the fields of International Development and Medical Science

翻訳に関する過去の実績 / Performance

■翻訳協力 / Joint Work

Paul F. Basch, 梅内拓生 監修、PHC開発研究会 翻訳、”TEXTBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL HEALTH, 2nd Ed.”『バッシュ国際保健学講座』, 株式会社じほう,2001.

■翻訳ワークショップによる翻訳協力 / Joint Work in the workshop

Vandana Shiva,伊庭みか子 監修、アジア女性資料センター翻訳、”Trading our lives away: an ecological and gender analysis of ‘free trade and the WTO”『取引される生命(いのち)売り渡される生活権: エコロジーと女性の視点から分析する“自由貿易”とWTO』,1999.


When MAYUZUMI Kanae carried out the work in the field of International Cooperation, she was routinely working in various English-language handling operations, including various technical terms on the development cooperation. Therefore, she has extensive experience in dealing with highly specialized translation tasks.
Also, in the field of medicine, she offers English-to-Japanese translation services for medical papers.

Music instruction or healthcare support based on the conceptual thinking of global awareness

For details, please refer to the following link “Plan of Service“.