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?Piano Performance at Piano Lounge and BGM Piano Performance at Restaurant, Week 2 Nov. 2021
I routinely have my stock of about 50 music scores for BGM per 2 hours. I also respond to customer requests by playing BGM at restaurants.

I played “Wedding march” for the couple who came there with their family at a dinner celebrating their wedding anniversary, and all the staff applauded. And I played “Always” for this couple.

The additional pieces of music for the BGM performance this week are listed as mentioned below. Since my playlist is filled with Christmas songs during the Christmas season, the volume of additional work is small.

– For BGM performance (The only additional pieces) –

  • Wedding march Op.61-9 (Mendelssohn)
  • Always (Atlantic Starr)
  • Tango Op.165-2 from “España” (Albéniz)

by YAMAHA GRAND Piano C3//


?2021Global Unity Japan ファイナリスト?から1日1クリック(30秒程度の動画閲覧)お願い(__)


11/13-27 17:00までのYoutube再生回数がコンテスト審査基準の一つとなります。
?We are looking forward to the contest of Global Unity Japan so please come out & support the FINALISTS, US!
At the Global Unity Japan, I’m participating in, the self-branding ability is required as one of the screening criteria. Especially, the number of Youtube views on 13th Nov.- 5 pm JST 27th Nov. would be definitely estimated. I would like to ask all of you for your cooperation in increasing the number of views. Please support by accessing the above channel for 1 click one day for 30 min.